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Why Kidney Health Matters

The kidneys play a vital role of keeping your blood healthy and helping give you energy. The vast majority know that kidneys filter out and cleanse toxins from circulating blood. This is possible by passing them to your bladder, often as much as a half-gallon a day.

While you might not think about them often, your kidneys continuously work to keep you alive and healthy. In this simple guide, we will examine some of the reasons why your kidneys matter, and a few suggestions to help keep them working in top shape.

Powerful Chemical Factories

Let’s be honest; your kidneys are powerful chemical factories. After all, they release important hormones that positively regulate blood pressure and tell your body when to produce fresh blood cells. They produce and activate Vitamin D to help your body maintain string and healthy bones, and keep blood minerals in balance. No wonder you need to have your kidneys in top shape at all times.

You Need Your Kidneys to Survive

This is undeniably one of the most important aspect of why we should try to keep our kidneys in good health at all times. In the event that both kidneys fail, many people can continue living through dialysis or a kidney transplant. But you should employ the correct measures to keep your kidneys in good condition.

Perform Vital Functions

The kidneys are responsible for actively cleaning up waste and toxins in your blood through very complex processes. This includes drugs in your system. They offer a stable balance of body chemicals, including potassium, sodium, and phosphorous. All these functions play a vital role in the normal operation of your body.

Now that you understand why kidney health matters, you should do everything it takes to have them in top shape. Protecting your kidneys is a good reason to have a regular checkup with your provider, even if you totally feel fine. Kidney problems at times don’t produce symptoms that one may associate with disease, but they can be checked through simple tests.

If you happen to be overweight, you may be forcing your kidneys to work extra harder and filter out wastes above a normal range. Losing weight can help improve kidney health and also play an essential role when it comes to reducing high blood pressure. So, be sure to prioritize your kidney healthto lead a successful and happy life.

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