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What You Should Know before Using Toe Guards

Foot injuries remain to be common issues in most workplaces. Thousands of workers sustain a foot injury each year, tampering with their productivity. While some foot injuries are minor, others tend to be more severe. Regardless of your occupation, however, you can lower your risk of foot injury without taking a toll on your finances.

A good way to go about this is by investing in the right toe guard for your needs. This simple safety accessory helps create a barrier of protection that keeps your toes safe from falling objects. They are mostly made of a hard material, such as aluminum alloy or steel and you and you can place them over your strappy shoes for an added level of protection.

Benefits of Toe Guards

So, why should you invest in a toe guard in the first place? Well, falling objects at the workplace can lead to foot injury. If a heavy object falls and lands on your foot, you may sustain broken bones, lacerations, or other forms of injury. Toe guards are perfectly designed to help reduce the risk of foot injury by shielding your toes.

The best toe guard protects you from toe stumps with sheer ease. Stumping your toe, of course, can be very painful. Your may accidentally kick a hard surface, resulting in severe and sharp pain. That’s where toe guards come in handy since they provide the needed protection against toe stumps such as this.

Considering you place them on the toe area of a boot, they will effectively absorb the blow while subsequently offering protection to your toes. You don’t have to invest in a new pair of strappy shoes or boots to use toe guards. After all, they are accessories that fit well over your existing boots.

Choosing the Right Toe Guards

Merely because you want to invest in a toe guard, it doesn’t mean you should go about this decision blindly. As a good starting point, always ensure you choose a toe guard in the right size. Most toe guards can be adjusted, but many of them still have a fixed width.

In the event that you happen to have narrow or wide foot, you should ensure the toe guards are the perfect size. Skimp on this, and you may not be able to comfortably wear them at the workplace.

When shopping for toe guards, be sure to see how they are fastened to the boots. Most toe guards don’t sit freely on the toe area of a boot. Instead, you have to secure them in place using straps. The straps wrap around the heel of the boot and you can tighten or loosen a toe guard’s strap for a comfortable fit.

Of course, there is also the option of investing in strappy shoes for maximum comfort. Remember, some toe guards as stronger than others. They can all absorb blows, and thus, offer maximum protection against foot injury. But some can withstand more force than others.

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