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Prime Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Bahrain

Among the Gulf states, Bahrain has arguably the best business environment in the region. In the first eight months of this year, the Economic Development Board (EDB) received pledged investments of $810 million. With a GDP of $38.5 billion, the kingdom’s dynamism is evident. Compared to its neighbors, the country boasts one of the highest FDI stock to GDP ratios in the region.

As such, the country is ripe for foreign investment. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership across most sectors, making it one of the most business friendly places to invest your hard-earned bucks. Moreover, the country’s currency is pegged to the US dollar, making it easier for international investors to settle in.

The country’s value-added tax regime is among the lowest in the region. Moreover, there are no taxes on capital gains, corporate income or personal income. Furthermore, the country’s quality of life is top notch, making it a prime target for foreign investors. In terms of business, there are a number of opportunities in the emirate, especially in the education, healthcare, tourism and technology sectors. The country is also well placed to benefit from increased trade and investment with its neighbours.

With a GDP ranked in the top ten in the Gulf states, Bahrain is well placed to attract both local and foreign investors alike. In fact, the government has announced its plan to attract more foreign investment. This includes a new investment fund and a plethora of tax breaks.

The country also boasts a number of laudable innovations, including a plethora of technological marvels and a stellar government-industry relationship. This, coupled with its competitive business environment, makes the island of Bahrain an attractive investment destination for international investors. It is also worth mentioning that the country’s economy is one of the most diverse in the Gulf.

In the year just past, Bahrain was ranked the third most open economy in the Middle East. This has not gone unnoticed by investors from across the globe. Indeed, the kingdom is home to one of the world’s largest and most innovative financial centers, with a number of banks boasting some of the best assets in their respective fields.

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