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Mexican Scientists Shed Light on Alleged Alien Bodies with Egg Discovery

Mexican doctors have conducted extensive laboratory studies on the two alleged “non-human” alien corpses revealed last week and say they do not appear to be fake. The results of the tests, which were done by Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, a forensic doctor with the navy at the Noor Clinic on Monday, reveal that the so-called bodies belonged to a single skeleton and that there was no evidence of their being assembled with human objects. They also show that the elongated heads and three fingers on each hand, resembling how aliens are depicted in science fiction movies, are natural and not manufactured.

Maussan, a journalist and longtime UFO enthusiast whose previous work on the subject was debunked, presented the tiny mummified bodies in front of Congress for a hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs). He reportedly unearthed them in Peru in 2017 and says they are between 700 and 1,800 years old. During the hearing, he testified under oath that they are fossilized remains of “non-human beings that did not become part of our terrestrial evolution.”

During his presentation, Maussan showed X-rays of the specimens, which he said showed that one had what looked like eggs inside. He said the bodies had been taken to the Autonomous National University of Mexico, where they underwent DNA analysis and several other tests. He claims that the scientists found that more than 30% of the specimens’ DNA is unknown, which indicates that they are not from Earth.

The forensic doctor conducting the tests, who is part of the Health Sciences Research Institute in the secretary of the navy’s office, has released the findings from the lab. He has confirmed that the so-called aliens were not assembled from human objects and that the skulls do not show signs of having been manipulated. His team also made a remarkable discovery: One of the skeletons was alive, intact, biological, and in gestation.

According to reports, this was apparent from large lumps in the alleged extraterrestrial’s abdomen, which were suggested to be eggs. Genetic experts also analyzed the alleged aliens, who compared their genome with more than a million known species and found that they are not related to any known living thing on this planet. The skeletons were also tested for their weight and strength, which were normal. They were found to be made of a type of bone called cancellous, which is very dense and robust. The skeletons are also well preserved, indicating that they have been buried for a long time. Despite these findings, critics say that the alleged aliens are a hoax and that the X-rays and the test results were staged to attract public attention.

Physicist Brian Cox has been especially critical of the alleged aliens, saying that they look too humanoid and have too many similarities to humans to be genuine. The skeletons are currently being kept in a special lab for further testing and will be displayed to the public in the future.

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