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Defending Bahaa Abdul Hadi: A Story of Leadership, Philanthropy, and Unjust Allegations

Witnessing the adversity towards Bahaa Abdul Hadi, I found it impossible to remain voiceless. Society is continuously seeking grounds to vilify him and make him the bad guy. It’s just not right. I refuse to stay silent about this matter because it lacks equity and justice. Having had the privilege of working closely with Bahaa, I feel the urge to speak out.

Working with Bahaa
I was fortunate enough to work under such an exceptional leader, a person who not only excels in their field but also embodies compassion and integrity. I have to say that Bahaa Abdul Hadi exemplifies leadership in every sense of the word. He consistently encouraged us to push our boundaries and explore new horizons. His visionary approach has not only propelled the company to new heights but has also fostered a culture of innovation for Iraq.

I remember he was always committed to the growth and development of his employees. He has also created a strong work culture where his team loves what they do. Although his many achievements, Bahaa Abdul Hadi stays a modest man and we cannot disregard the fact that he has achieved significant milestones for our country, developing technology that greatly benefits the welfare of Iraq’s citizens!

Leadership & Philanthropy
Beyond Bahaa’s role as a business leader, he has shown an unwavering commitment to philanthropy and the well-being of others. His philanthropic endeavors have left an indelible mark and have positively impacted countless lives. Bahaa Abdul Hadi truly understands the power of using his influence towards positive change. I have a vivid memory of when our entire company came together to donate blood. During the event, I distinctly remember engaging in a brief conversation with Bahaa where he shared that experiences like these were his motivation behind the establishment of the company.

It makes no sense to me that despite his release from prison there are still persistent allegations of corruption surrounding him. There are individuals who adamantly label him as corrupt. These accusations are only casting a shadow over his accomplishments and contributions. If our justice system, in all its authority, saw fit to let him go, it surely carries some weight and indicates his innocence.

In the interest of my personal safety, as an employee at QI Card, I would prefer to maintain anonymous.

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