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CogAT Preparation Tactics You Should Know About

Most schools worldwide are now using CogAT to locate their gifted students a few times a year. This test appears twice a year between the months of September to November, and then again January to April. CogAT tests are offered in multiple-choice format and are divided into three parts: verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal.

In a nutshell, the verbal batter is complete with picture/verbal analogies, sentence completion, and picture/verbal classification. Quantitative battery consists of number analogies, number series, and number puzzles. As for non-verbal, it includes figure matrices, figure classification, and paper folding diagrams.

Having said that, this simple guide takes you through what goes into CogAT preparation. Read on to uncover more!

Make Learning Fun

There’s no denying that variety is key to avoiding boredom. Between learning and free time, it is highly recommended that you intrigue your child with educational games that challenge them in a way they hadn’t experienced before.

Most CogAT tutors recommend math-themed baking, vocabulary-themed treasure hunts, and perhaps, a classic game of trivia. Who knows, your child may return not only with a high score but a beaming smile to boot!

Practice Tests

We can’t stress this enough. Practicing CogAT past papers is the ultimate weapon when it comes to making sure your kid is as familiar as possible with the testing material. The same goes for CogAT mock tests. It is worth noting that every examination has its own special phrasing and structure. Becoming acquainted with a test’s qualities and learning how to tackle questions with hands-on experience is essential to conquering it.

Get Enough Rest

While there is nothing wrong with practicing Gifted and Talented tests, your child also deserves to get some rest. Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition are no joke. Actually, they are an integral component of any successful study play. For this reason, during your Gifted Testing and assessment preparation process, we recommend supplying your child with plenty of healthy brain energy.

In between the time your child will practice CogAT online, you should also ensure they’re keeping physical active and not at home all day on their gadgets. And this is easy to see considering physical exercise has been shown to have a positive impact on a child’s brain efficiency and academic performance.

And ensure your child is getting proper sleep in order to better store the new information they have accumulated while preparing for Gifted CogAT.

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