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Buying Guide for Commercial Rugs

When choosing a rug, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. These tips will help you get the most out of your investment and ultimately choose the right rug for your needs.

Commercial Carpets

A rug for a place of business will need to stand up to heavy traffic and meet the durability requirements for its intended use. For this reason, a new rug is often the best choice for commercial applications.

Antique Carpets

One of the most popular types of commercial rugs is the antique rug. These pieces are sought after by collectors, dealers, and interior designers. They are also valuable for homeowners who want to enhance their decor with something extraordinary.

The price of these rugs is driven by several factors, including the rug’s age, condition, and style. While each of these items should be considered, the main factor to consider is how much you value the character of a particular rug.

Look and Feel

Rugs are often the first element a homeowner selects when beginning to design a room. They can set the mood, add vibrancy and create a sense of cohesion to a space. Getting started with your rug shopping is the first step in a long, rewarding journey toward a perfect living or working space. When you find the right rug, it will not only complement your taste but also set a tone that you can enjoy for years to come.

A good starting point is to visit a reputable rug store and explore the different options for your space. This is a great way to discover the rug that will fit your style, color scheme, and budget. The next step is to shop online for a variety of styles and sizes that will meet your budget and needs. This is the quickest and most efficient way to narrow your search and start browsing for the rug that is right for you.

Finding the Perfect Size for Your Space

The size of your rug will dramatically influence the balance and dynamics of a room. A too-small rug may seem stale or temporary; while a too-large rug can become overpowering, making a space look cramped and uninviting.

There are several ways to determine the best size for your space, but one of the most helpful is to measure your doorways and furniture against your rug. Once you have your measurements, you can start browsing the rug samples available at Ultimate Mats to find the right match for your home or business.

Pile Height and Face Weight

A rug’s pile height is the distance between the top surface of its yarns and its backing. A high-pile rug is generally taller, while a low-pile rug may have shorter yarns or tighter loops.

Pile Height and Face Weight are essential for determining the proper fit for your area rug, especially when doors open and close frequently. This will ensure that your rug will not get caught on the door when it is opened or closed.

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