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Understanding Why Ice Cream Must be Halal Certified

If you’ve been keeping pace with ongoing trends, then you may already know that people are busy discussing the halal status of an ice cream brand that’s famous for being cheap, delicious, with an appetizing look. But have you ever wondered why ice cream needs to be halal certified?

There’s no reason to panic if you have been asking yourself this question. In this blog post, we will take you through everything you should know before purchasing halal ice cream. Read on below to uncover more!

Compliance with Regulations

One of the main reasons why ice cream needs to be halal certified traces back to the company’s compliance with regulations. Most countries now have regulations calling for products that enter, circulate and are traded in their territory are halal certified, except for those that are ‘haram’ forbidden. Ice cream is included in the category for food and beverages that must be halal certified by 2024.

Ice Cream Contains Many Vital Ingredients

You probably already know that ice cream has many critical ingredients. For those who might know, ice cream is groups into dairy products since the main ingredients are derived from milk. Basically, milk is included in the list of non-critical ingredients as long as the processing process is not mixed with any other ingredients.

But in making a bowl of ice cream. Many ingredients are mixed. One of the most important ingredients is cream or milk fat. This ingredient is among the most determining factors for the price of ice cream. Products with lower price category have a milk fat content of about 10% while ice cream with a higher price contains milk fat around 15-18%.

It doesn’t end at that consider coloring agents remain inseparable in making ice cream. There are dyes that are made from synthetic and natural materials. Synthetic dyes are preferred by food manufacturers considering they have a fairly good level of color stability and a relatively low price.

Things tend to be different with natural dyes since they are usually less stable. To prevent color damage from the influence of temperature, light, and other environmental influences, mostly this type of a dye is added with a coating agent through a micro-encapsulation process. One top of coating that often used is gelatin. The good news is you can never run out of options when you want to buy the best halal ice cream.

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