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Signs you Need Water Damage Restoration Services


It’s very obvious that property water damage is pretty evident. If excess water comes from something like a burst pipe or basement flood, you’ll possibly be able to see the water and all the damage it’s causing. Yet, sometimes this isn’t always the case as water damage can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Perhaps you might have a slow leaking appliance pipe that’s tucked away or a roof leak that is out of sight.

As unwanted water sneaks into either your home or office building, you may sometimes be unaware of the damage it’s causing. However, there are some signs you can look out for to detect if you have damage. Therefore, keep reading to find out a few signs that you need water remediation and restoration services.

There is a Nip in the Air

If maybe your space is very difficult to heat up in the colder months, this may definitely be a clear signal that you have dampness within your property walls. This excess moisture can sometimes draw heat out of walls and in turn leave them much colder than if there was no moisture present.

Consequently, it you can’t seem to heat your home or commercial facility no matter how high you crank up the heating then it might be time to check your walls for any leaks or moisture build-ups. Discoloration is another sign that can possibly push you to look for water damage restoration service. Dirty water often leave streaks behind as it runs down your property walls and this can definitely be a sign of an overflowing gutter or rather your roof not draining properly.

Bubbling or Cracking Paint

If there’s a leak lurking behind a wall, you can possibly notice some changes on the wall’s surface. Paint or wallpaper might start to blister or bubble and even begin to peel as well as crack if the water damage progresses. If this happens, it will probably mean the walls have been exposed to excess water which in turn causes the building materials to shrink an expand too.

The shrinking and expanding causes paint to weaken, which then results to peeling and eventual cracking. So, it might be worthwhile to look for water damage restoration service if you either notice bubbling or cracking of paint in your premise.

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