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Remarkable Ways to Keep Middle East Investors Satisfied

Middle East investing is now a hot topic of discussion going with the numerous benefits it offers. Just in case you might not know, investors in the region are far more likely to invest using a local wealth manager to have a relationship with just one wealth manager.

It doesn’t end at that since high investment returns are insufficient to engender loyalty; despite good returns, many investors are currently looking to leave their wealth manager. Moreover, wealth managers should expand their range of product offerings to retain existing clients and to attract new customers.

Having said that, today we will take you through some of the most remarkable ways to keep Middle East investors satisfied.

Local is Highly Prized

When it comes to Middle East investing, there is a large base of affluent investors, many of whom are young and tech-savvy. Considering these young investors will not yet have built long-term relationships with wealth managers and are much more likely to want digital interaction. For this reason, the traditional approach to investment advice might not serve them perfectly.

Good Returns Aren’t Enough

A key hurdle for organizations anywhere is retaining the clients they have. You should remember that the relatively low tenure is also affected by the relative youth of the investor base as a whole. However, this doesn’t entirely mitigate the increased likelihood of these investors to look elsewhere if they feel their needs are not being met.

Ensure Your Customers are Satisfied

Aside from profits, the key to wealth managers’ success is to focus on advisory services beyond transactional offerings. It doesn’t end at that since you should offer innovative solutions across a wider array of products sets, especially with respect to digital assets and ESG products.

When it comes to digital assets, wealth managers should know that investors want to be offered a greater variety and depth of products. Although there is an obvious focus on the crypto market, today’s high volatility has naturally led to a degree of caution. Be sure to do your homework before taking up Middle East investing.

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