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Notable Benefits of Employee Assistance Programmes

Making sure that your employees are happy at all times is something you can never risk skimping on. And that’s no longer surprising considering happy employees create positive and productive work environment. This allows everyone to thrive while working together towards a common goal.

But there are instances when personal issues prevent employees from doing their best work. This could lead to a sharp reduction in productivity and focus, and negatively impact the rest of the team. No wonder you should do everything to keep your employees happy.

Among the best ways to go about this is by including an Employee Assistance Programme in your business. An EAP is a workplace wellness program precisely designed to boost your employees’ performance by proactively helping them tackle personal issues. This program entails confidential and short-term support that assists with a variety of issues, including financial, legal, physical, and mental health.

Even though Employee Assistance Programmes are often used for mental health counselling, they also have the potential to support your employees in a variety of other ways. The common ones include childcare, elder care, pet sitting, and buying a home for the first time.

So, why is an Employee Assistance Programme essential? One notable benefit of an EAP is that it leads to increased productivity. When employees are distracted by personal problems, they become less motivated and creative at work. They may also start to use more sick days in an effort to cope. But when an Employee Assistance Programme is introduced, productivity increases.

Another notable benefit of an Employee Assistance Programme is that it’s surprisingly affordable. It is essential that you keep communicating the availability of the program to keep it top of mind for employees. If you don’t, the chances that they will use it decrease significantly.

Bear in mind stress-caused issues such as absenteeism, decreased performance, and health problems affect not only the person but the overall work force. Moreover, if someone is experiencing a high level of stress, they may become more defensive, argumentative, and a less communicative at work.

Never should you hesitate to include an Employee Assistance Programme in your employee benefits offering. It costs little to implement, and offers significant gains for your employees while helping to boost your bottom line. This vital program can go a long way in creating a happy, strong, and productive team without the hassle.

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