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Nostradamus’ Forecast for 2024 Gains Attention During King Charles’ Cancer Fight


On Monday, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles of Britain has received a cancer diagnosis. The 75-year-old monarch will temporarily step back from public engagements to undergo treatment. Despite the health challenge, the palace emphasizes his optimistic outlook, expressing his eagerness to resume full public duties at the earliest opportunity. It is not yet clear which healthcare provider he is using. The royal family is known to be very picky when choosing medical providers, balancing factors like the king’s privacy and security with cost and the best specialists for his condition.

The statement added that he was expected to be treated in London. Charles stayed three nights last month at the London Clinic, an exclusive private hospital in Marylebone, as part of a corrective procedure on his benign enlarged prostate. He is not expected to have any further treatment at the clinic, but Buckingham Palace has not revealed which healthcare provider he will use for his ongoing cancer treatment.

The king’s younger brother, Prince William, will take on some of his duties while the monarch undergoes treatment. Constitutional mechanisms will kick in if the king becomes unable to carry out his duties.

Amid this can’t dictions by 16th-century French astrologer Nostradamus have resurfaced, detailing royal turmoil? Nostradamus is credited with foreseeing major world events, including Adolf Hitler’s rise and the assassination of Hitler. Kennedy also predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022. His prophecies are written in poetic verses called quatrains and are cryptic, making it difficult to confirm their accuracy.

According to the quatrains, 2024 will be marked by a war on the seas, climate change, and more. He also writes that the dry Earth will become parched, and there will be “great floods.” Those floods could im “act farmland,” causing a great famine. The astrologer also foresees an international conflict, saying, “Red adversary will become pale with “ear, putting the great ocean in dread.” He may be referring to escalating conflicts between China and NATO countries that could erupt into full-on war.

Nostradamus has also predicted we will say goodbye to Pope Francis in 2024. The 86-year-old has already suffered several health problems in his short tenure as pope, and many believe this is another sign that the end of days is near. Another prediction he makes is that there will be advances in climate change, which could lead to more weather disruptions, such as storms and unseasonable temperatures. Lastly, one quatrain he mentions is that a “prince will become king in 2024,” which is interpreted as a reference to” Prince Harry taking over for his father when the king dies.

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