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Issues to Factor In When Choosing a VRF HVAC System

Buying a VRF system brings with it a host of benefits. From less downtime and taking up less space to modern controls and quiet operation, there is more to investing in a VRF system than meets the eye. Not to mention the sheer fact that these systems use less energy, thus, saving you money in the long run.

Like any other purchase decision, you must learn to exercise caution before buying one. You don’t want to regret your decision way after paying for a VRF system. In this simple guide, we have compiled some of the issues to consider when choosing a VRF HVAC system.

Requires an Experienced HVAC Installer

If you think you’re going to install your VRF system single-handedly, then you better think twice. That’s because these systems are extremely sophisticated and require a trained and experienced installer. Choose a company that doesn’t understand the unique needs of VRF HVAC systems, and you might end up with sub-par performance, and you’ll pay more in the end to have the issue fixed by an expert.

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Higher Up-front Cost

Although a VRF system guarantees energy-saving costs, you should be more than ready to get deeper into your pockets before buying one. After all, these systems may cost more than traditional central air systems. The good thing is that this cost can be offset by lower energy bills and repair expenses in the long run. Be sure to ask an HVAC expert for help when it comes to cost-benefit comparison.

Air Handler Size Matters

It is in your best interest that you factor in the size of the air handlers when choosing a brand. This is especially the case when space is tight. Bear in mind some VRF HVAC brands tend to have much larger units than others. Buying such a VRF system will work against you when having less room space.

By factoring in the above and other tips, it won’t take long before you finally get your hands on the ideal VRF system for your home without exceeding the set budget.

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