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iPhone 15 Release Date in Doubt: Apple Faces Supply Chain Challenges

The iPhone 15 is widely expected to launch in September but might be delayed. According to a report from MacRumors it is citing Wamsi Mohan, a global securities analyst at Bank of America, the iPhone launch event could be delayed until October. This is because Apple’s channel checks in its supply chain suggest that production of the new models will likely be pushed into the fourth quarter.

This is common for Apple, though. The company has pushed back the release of the iPhone 12 in 2020 and the iPhone 13 last year, and it’s possible that the company could do the same with this year’s iPhone 15.

Mohan raised his price target for Apple to $210 from $190, but he also warned that the iPhone 15’s launch being delayed by “a few weeks” would negatively impact its revenue in September. This is because the iPhone typically accounts for a large portion of the company’s quarterly revenue stream. He predicted that the iPhone 15’s debut in October would yield a September quarter revenue stream of $87.1 billion, well below the average estimate of $91.6 billion.

The specific reason behind the potential iPhone 15 delay remains undisclosed, but it’s worth noting that no other Apple leaker or financial analyst has cited any problems with the phone’s production. Apple’s stacked camera sensor supply chain is doing fine and has already started producing the iPhone 15’s components. So, there isn’t any compelling reason why the launch of the phone should see a delay beyond the standard window.

What is clear is that the iPhone 15 will be a significant upgrade over its predecessor. Unlike the iPhone 14, which introduced a radical design, the new model will feature a more traditional design with a bigger screen and an all-new dual-camera setup. It’s also rumored to include a faster processor, a better battery, and improved wireless capabilities like support for 5G connectivity.

In addition to the new iPhones, Apple will announce a significant iOS update this summer. If the company sticks to its usual schedule, it will preview the new software version at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference and then release a public beta during the summer. The full version of the software is typically released in the fall.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed that the iPhone 15 would be the first Apple device to feature USB-C connectors. This is a significant change since the company’s portable products have used the traditional Lightning port for charging and data transfers for many years. The switch to USB-C will limit third-party accessories and cables to those certified by Apple under its Made for iPhone (MFi) program. This could be an attempt to encourage users to upgrade to the latest versions of the new phones. This move could also help Apple reduce the number of old connectors discarded in landfills.

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