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Important Considerations When BuyingFull Frame Camera

A full frame camera has become one of the hottest cameras now. Also known as mirrorless cameras or compact-system cameras, a full frame camera is compact like a point and shot camera but offer a larger image sensor. Moreover you can change lenses to fit the scene yours shooting.

This is the reason full frame cameras are a favorite for most professionals. Before you head to the store and buy one, you should beware of several things. Here are a few things you need to know about buying the perfect full frame camera for your needs.

Know Your Image Sensors

The image sensor is what captures the light from the object you are shooting. The two main sensors sizes for hybrids are micro four thirds and APS-C. The smaller micro four thirds sensors is great for portability, but can sacrifice some picture quality. On the other hand, the larger APS-C sensor will add bulk but can offer better image quality and low-light shooting.

Aside from the size, you have to consider megapixels or the number of pixels the sensor can capture. It is worth noting that hybrids typically have 14MP to 24MP. For standard size photo printing, any amount will work. If you are printing large posters or doing detailed photo editing, more megapixels is better.

Manual Controls

Both professionals and hobbyist photographers know the power of manual camera settings. After all, you can tweak your camera for exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and much more to get the perfect shot. In the event that you need fast setting changes, you want a camera that makes easy.

For instance, some models let you scroll through settings using the lens manual focus ring. Be sure to spend some time doing your homework on the different types of full frame cameras before settling on the ideal one for your needs.

Consider the Price

Last but not least, price is another thing that affects the purchase process of your full frame camera. With a wide range of price points and features, finding your perfect full frame camera takes some work. If you are just getting into photography, a lower-priced model is a solid option.

In the end, buying a camera is a very personal choice. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you visit a store and play around with a variety of models to find the best for you.

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