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How To Apply for the PSG Grant

Modern digital technology encourages the Singapore government to support Small-Middle enterprises. The government should provide subsidies through the productivity Solutions Grant program heling  businesses develop the technology. In implementing this grant, the Singapore government helps SME by subsidizing most of IT solutions and equipment costs.

The selection of IT solutions and equipment vendors is possibly one of the important things to join the PSG programs. A good vendor should aid a company according to its needs by increasing productivity and profits. With that said, keep reading to find out more about the PSG eligibility before visiting the Go Business website and commencing your application.

PSG Equipment and IT Solutions

You need to verify your company’s eligibility before selecting an IT vendor. After that, you can choose a vendor who can supply IT solutions and equipment focusing on your organization’s needs. IT solutions recommended by the government vary based on the type of industry. Customer relationship management, HRM, inventory, digital marketing and sales management are the commonly used IT solutions to assist businesses work.

Since IT solutions vary by business, companies that want to register must carefully select and sort out IT vendors that can suit their needs and also fit the budget provided by the government. You also need to select the equipment vendors according to your company’s needs. As a result, you have to consider choosing a reputable PSG grant vendor so that the equipment you choose can provide optimal benefits for your company.

PSG Requirements

After your organization has qualified for PSG digital marketing government funding, the company must meet PSG standards. These standards include operating IT systems or equipment in Singapore. In other words, your company should not sign a contract with a third-party IT provider or do business with them.

Documents that the company needs to prepare are a copy of the most recent financial statements, and also a vendor quotation for a pre-approved solution. Before you start to register for the PSG Digital Marketing grant program, it’s essential you first find vendors that fulfill your company’s needs. What’s more, you’ll need those documents as a condition for claiming PSG grant submission.

Bottom Line

PSG grant digital marketing program is one of Singapore’s fundamental programs to help small entrepreneurs in their growth. This program focuses on developing technology in SMEs so that the company can increase its revenue. However, companies that can participate in this program are those that have only met Productivity Solutions Grant requirements.

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