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Historic First: Israel Utilizes Iron Sting Mortar Bomb Against Hamas

The Israeli Air Force on Sunday released footage of the high-tech “Iron Sting” system as it entered operational use for the first time. Designed by Elbit Systems, the revolutionary weapon uses laser and GPS guidance to hit terror targets in densely populated areas. The IDF’s Maglan unit used the innovative weapon to target Hamas’s rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip, thwarting dozens of terrorists.

Unlike traditional mortar rounds, which have a large margin of error that can lead to unintended civilian casualties, the precision of ‘Iron Sting’ can significantly reduce such incidents. The new device is also more cost-effective than existing weapons, as fewer rounds must be fired to achieve the same effect.

This is especially useful in urban areas, where terror groups are often based and launch attacks against Israel. The military says the mortar bomb can strike targets within a range of 1-12 kilometers while penetrating double-reinforced concrete.

In addition to reducing the risk of civilian casualties, the weapon’s precision will help the IDF strike harder and more accurately at enemy assets. For instance, the new mortar bomb can be dropped closer to the ground than traditional munitions, allowing it to reach deeper into tunnels and secluded hideouts. This could allow the IDF to more quickly eliminate Hamas commanders and prevent them from repositioning their equipment.

The IDF has tested the new weapon in several trials over the past year, aiming to adapt its capabilities to meet specific threats in the region. According to a Defense Ministry statement, the 120-mm mortar has completed successful tests and is now undergoing final testing before being delivered to the IDF. The defense minister said it will equip small units with the firepower they need to tackle hostile forces hiding in urban areas.

During the recent Gaza conflict, Israel has employed various weapons to defend itself against rockets launched by Hamas and Hezbollah. While such systems have proven effective in thwarting Hamas’ missile attacks, the Israeli military has sought to increase its lethality on the ground.

As such, the army has asked for bunker busters to obliterate underground targets, a report by Al Jazeera revealed. But while such weapons can significantly impact specific military engagements, they cannot be a game-changer in the more significant conflict.

‘Iron Sting’ can enhance the IDF’s overall lethality in a complex conflict, but it will not be a silver bullet that can change the war’s outcome. As the conflict continues, the Israeli military must focus on preventing Hamas from launching its offensive and ensuring that Palestinian civilians do not come into harm’s way. To this end, the IDF will continue to use various weapons to achieve its objectives and ensure the safety of Israeli citizens. This includes the recently acquired precision-guided mortar bomb ‘Iron Sting,’ which was used for the first time on Sunday to take down an enemy rocket launcher.

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