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Guerilla marketing

Whenever we hear the word guerilla the first thing that comes to mind is raid or ambushes. However, guerilla marketing is not the same or related to this. Guerilla marketing is an advertising strategy used by brands or companies for the promotion of their products and services. Guerilla marketing is relatively a low-cost way to promote your business and complete its marketing that’s why this advertising strategy is very much popular among marketers. Here you get several marketing tools, tactics, and design practices that provide you much help while you interact with your customers and successfully create a lasting and great impression. While using guerillas advertising strategy, they persuade your brand in such a manner that the customer isn’t used. It is an innovative market approach that mostly pays off.

Before choosing guerilla marketing keep some points in mind that your advertising should not be forceful to customers, it doesn’t be very noisy, doesn’t irritate the public or break any law, make your advertisement by both offline and internet marketing so that people will have more interaction with your brand.

Below are some of the guerilla, top marketing strategies mentioned so that you can get help to start it because you get several options to integrate while marketing.

  • Experiential marketing

This is a most helpful guerilla marketing strategy that encourages and helps by encouraging customers so that they will be a part of the success and growth of your business. When you use the experimental marketing strategy they use creative marketing ways to encourage the co-creation of marketing that helps in the creation of emotional attachment to customers with your business. Here’s the benefit you enjoy is that you continuously secure your business and your customers get products and services that they honestly love and believe in.

  • Street marketing

Street marketing is another popular guerilla marketing strategy under which they use the street as the main field of expression for promoting your brand. Mostly it is noticed that customers don’t expect to see the advertisement at the places they don’t expect to see it.  In this, street marketers are paid to publish favorable reviews of your brand. People notice street advertisements high in the sky, on billboards, and on eye-level screens. Such marketing advertising strategies indicate that it’s not important to spend a lot for product promotion or to advertise, sometimes an innovative marketing approach can be everything that you need.

  • Graffiti and posters

This type of guerilla marketing strategy can be very costly to rent. It is a kind of offline guerilla marketing. However, you can take help from other options like posters, graffiti arts, window clings and many more like this. Mostly it is seen that marketers use their personal property or lend someone else to advertise. Like, suppose if you have a business of food then you can take the help of graffiti arts to promote your business, you can take pictures of your beat dishes on the street walls that will surely help you in attracting foot traffic. Read more about guerilla marketing strategies here.

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