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Edward Swingler: An Award-Winning Filmmaker

If you are into watching movies, then there is a good chance you like keeping pace with what your favourite actors and filmmakers are up to. And there is nothing wrong with that as it goes a long way in making sure you emulate what they do. For those who prefer watching comedy and action movies, there is a good chance you know about Edward Swingler.

Actually, Eddie Swingler is a household name in the entertainment industry and the numerous accolades he had earned in his career life speak volumes. For those who might not know, Swingler is an award-winning filmmaker and has been working in the entertainment business for nearly 10 years now.

After winning dancer of the year in 2012 at the International Presentation of Performers in Beverly Hills, California, Edward Swingler decided to join the entertainment industry. The very moment he made this decision, Edward was signed by 323 Talent Management and Legendworks Talent and started his career in Hollywood.

There was no looking back for Edward Swingler after the doors for success opened. In those preceding years, he took up an interest in production roles such as lighting, cinematography, screenwriting, and editing. What is even better, he became a reader for literary agents and for Final Draft. This action made it possible for him to sell his 1st screenplay in 2014 and complete 4 other feature film scripts.

His work has never gone unnoticed since he has won numerous awards in his career life. Edward has won the best comedy award for One Chumpion-Vegas Short-Las Vegas-Director. With all the years of experience, he has accumulated such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to film production.

Currently, Edward is in pre-production of his feature film ’30 Days’ which will start filming in 2022.  This psychological thriller will push the boundaries of sanity as a healthy, young test subject is forced to stay awake for 30 straight days. Keep in mind Edward Swingler currently works at Ferosi Media in the Entertainment industry and has a title of Chief Executive Officer.

To find out more about Edward Swingler, be sure to follow him on his different social media accounts. After all, he is a true inspiration of all those who want to make it big in the entertainment industry. The good news is you can always access as much information about him as you like without the hassle.

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