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Does Tofu Have Gluten?

We all agree that tofu is a classic in many veganized dishes, but it also happens to be ideal for those with gluten-free diets. As a quick reminder, tofu is may from soybeans. Basically, the soybeans are made into soya milk which is then curdled to form blocks of tofu.

It is widely believed that tofu, otherwise known as beancurd, was created by a Chinese cook by accidentally curdling soy milk by adding nigari seaweed. Of course, the rest is history. But does tofu have gluten?

Well, tofu is highly regarded as safe for those with gluten intolerance to eat. And this is easy to see considering the beancurd contains no glutenous grains. However, things tend to be different with flavored tofu such as sweet chilli or smoky tofu since it may not be suitable. Actually, it may be marinated with soy sauce which is not gluten-free.

The basic ingredients to make tofu are soybeans, water, and an agent that curdles the soy milk. In most instances, this curdling agent is a molecular compound found in ocean water, known as calcium sulfate. Alternatively, curds can also be produced by acidic foods like lemon, juice or vinegar.

Keep in mind plain tofu is generally safe for individuals with coeliacs as it contains no traces of gluten- though as always, be sure to check the label to be safe. Only then will you have an easy time while following a gluten-free diet.

If you’re the kind of person that is into buying pre-flavored tofu, then it is in your best interest that you look for one that’s seasoned with tamari rather than soy sauce. Tamari and soy sauce are quite similar because they’re both a fermented soy product, but most brands of tamari don’t contain any wheat.

The good news is there are many delicious ways to prepare tofu aside from adding soy sauce. It is an incredibly versatile ingredient that makes a fantastic condition like stir-fries, soups and even desserts. In fact, the possibilities with tofu are endless. It all narrows to what you find appealing.

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